Triple Crown
~ 1996 ~

Famous For: Showcasing Cantonese style food, specifically dim sum and being one of the most famous and long-running restaurants in Chinatown. 

Founded By: Ling Ling Tin in 1996, who’s family is from Hong Kong and grew up on the Canton dishes served in Chinatown.

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • Canton style cooking originates in an area right off the Pacific Ocean in the southern part of China. Being so close to the water, you can expect that there is a strong emphasis on seafood and shellfish, as well as a light style of eating.
  • Triple Crown was named for Ling Ling’s three sons and now her sons have taken over and run the restaurant today.
  • Most crucial component to Dim Sum is the tea and dim sum is actually a lot of small bites that accompany the tea.
  • Triple Crown offers more than 90 items on the menu.

Our Recos:

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