Al's Beef
~ 1938 ~

Famous for: inventing the Italian Beef sandwich during the depression.

Founded by: Chris Pacelli

The Great Chicago Sandwich

Fun Foodie Facts:

  • Al’s Beef started as a neighborhood beef stand over in Chicago’s “Little Italy” neighborhood.
  • The Italian Beef is now referred to as The Great Chicago sandwich.
  • The “Italian stance” is the proper way to eat an Italian beef and not get messy.
  • Some Chicago Italian Beef lovers will ask Al’s to dip almost the entire sandwich into the gravy pot. If you ever want that, when you’re ordering you simply say that you want it “juicy” or “wet”.

Our Recos:

They make great fries! Come back and try the blue cheese fries for something a little different.


Free Large Fry

Receive a free large fry with the purchase of any 2 beef sandwiches!

169 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60654, USA

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